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  County Administrator's Report     10. 21.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 09/01/2016  
Issue:    Change Order to Purchase Order #160581, Thompson Tractor Company, Inc. - Heavy Equipment Repair
From: Pat Johnson
Department: Waste Services  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning a Change Order to Purchase Order #160581, Thompson Tractor Company, Inc., for Repairs to Heavy Equipment - Patrick T. Johnson, Waste Services Department Director

That the Board approve and authorize the County Administrator to execute the following Change Order #6, to Purchase Order #160581, Thompson Tractor Company, Inc., for repairs to Heavy Equipment:

Department: Waste Services Department
Division: Operations
Type: Addition
Amount: $49,000
Vendor: Thompson Tractor Company, Inc.
Project Name: Supplies, Labor, Repairs, & Rentals, "OEM" Manufacturer
PO#: 160581
CO#: 6
Cost Center for CO: 230304, 230306, 230307, 230314 & 230315
Original PO Amount: $317,000
Cumulative Amount of Change Orders: $112,000
New PO Total: $429,000

[Funding Source: Fund 401, Solid Waste, Cost Centers 230304, 230306, 230307, 230314 & 230315]
On 10/8/2015, the Board approved Purchase Order #160581 to Thompson Tractor Company, Inc., through its approval of the issuance of blanket and/or individual Purchase Orders in excess of $50,000, for the Fiscal year 2015-2016, based upon previously awarded Contract, Contractual Agreements, or annual requirements.  A Purchase Order was issued to Thompson Tractor as the local dealer for Caterpillar which is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for heavy equipment fleet currently utilized for Landfill and Transfer Station activities associated with waste handling, transportation and site maintenance activities. A Purchase order was issued for expenditures associated with repair/maintenance of heavy equipment fleet of 35 units and rental of heavy equipment as needed.  Unexpected expenditures associated with a water/fire truck conversion, aging walking floor trailers and an increase in construction and demolition debris tonnage has resulted in an increase in repair/maintenance expenses.
Funding is available in Fund 401 Solid Waste, Cost Centers 230304, 230306, 230307, 230314 & 230315.
This recommendation is in compliance with the provisions of The Escambia County Florida Code of Ordinances Chapter 46, Finance, Article II, Purchases and Contracts.   
Upon approval of this recommendation, a Change Order will be transmitted to the Office of Purchasing for processing. 

Thompson Tractor POs

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