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  Growth Management Report     10. 2.    
BCC Regular Meeting Public Hearing  
Meeting Date: 09/01/2016  
Issue:    5:45 p.m. - A Public Hearing - Amending the Official Zoning Map
From: Horace Jones
Department: Development Services  

5:45 p.m. - A Public Hearing for Consideration for Adopting an Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map

That the Board adopt an Ordinance to amend the Official Zoning Map to include the rezoning case heard by the Planning Board on August 2, 2016, and approved during the previous agenda item and to provide for severability, inclusion in the code, and an effective date.
Rezoning case Z-2016-06 was heard by the Planning Board on August 2, 2016. Under the Land Development Code (LDC), the Board of County Commissioners reviews the record and the recommended order of the Planning Board and conducts a Public Hearing for adoption of the LDC Zoning Map Amendment.
As a means of achieving the Board’s goal of “decreasing response time from notification of citizen needs to ultimate resolution,” the Board is acting on both the approval of the Planning Board’s recommendation and the LDC Map Amendment for this month’s rezoning case.
The previous report item addresses the Board’s determination regarding the Planning Board’s recommendation. This report item addresses only the Public Hearing and adoption of the Ordinance amending the LDC Official Zoning Map.
No budgetary impacts are expected as a result of the recommended Board action.
A copy of the standardized Ordinance has initially been provided to the County Attorney’s office for review regarding compliance with rezoning requirements in Florida Statutes and the Land Development Code.
No additional personnel are anticipated for the implementation of this recommended Board action.
The Board Chairman will need to sign the Ordinance to amend the Official Zoning Map.
This Ordinance, amending the Land Development Code Official Zoning Map, will be filed with the Department of State following adoption by the Board.
This proposed Ordinance was prepared by the Development Services Department in coordination with the County Attorney’s Office,  and interested citizens. The Development Services Department will ensure proper advertisement.

Draft Ordinance

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