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  County Administrator's Report     10. 9.    
BCC Regular Meeting Technical/Public Service Consent  
Meeting Date: 09/01/2016  
Issue:    Conveyance of a Utility Easement to Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA)
From: Joy D. Blackmon, P.E.
Department: Public Works  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the Conveyance of a Utility Easement to Emerald Coast Utilities Authority for Walker Subdivision - Joy D. Blackmon, P.E., Public Works Department Director

That the Board take the following action regarding the conveyance of a utility easement to Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA):
A. Approve the Utility Easement for pipe installation of a pipe system from the western boundary of Walker Subdivision across the northern boundary of a County-owned parcel and then south to the ECUA lift station; and 

B. Authorize the Chairman to sign the necessary documents granting the Utility Easement to ECUA.

[Funding Source:  ECUA will be responsible for the recording of all ECUA documents]
The County has a parcel of property located within Walker Subdivision, identified as parcel reference number  12-1S-31-3206-010-003. The parcel was dedicated to the county per the recorded plat of Walker Subdivision as Parcel "D" and is approximately 0.8102 acres.

Due to the proposed future development north and west of Walker Subdivision, and for ECUA to provide an adequate and properly functioning sewer system for the future development, ECUA needs a portion of the said county parcel (5367.17 square feet), to facilitate expanding the existing sewer system.

All costs associated with accepting and recording of documents will be borne by ECUA.

The Utility Easement was approved as to form and legal sufficiency by Stephen West, Senior Assistant County Attorney.
All work associated with this request is being done in-house and no additional staff is required.
These actions are consistent with the provisions of Section 46-139 of the Escambia County code of Ordinances.
Upon Board approval and execution of the documents by the Chairman, staff will transfer the documents to ECUA for acceptance and recording in the public records of Escambia County, Florida. County staff will continue to coordinate with ECUA in meeting their requirements for this easement.

Utility Easement
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