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  Growth Management Report     10. 1.    
BCC Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/01/2016  
Issue:    Review of Rezoning Case Heard before the Planning Board on August 2, 2016
From: Horace Jones
Department: Development Services  

Recommendation Concerning the Review of the Rezoning Case Heard by the Planning Board on August 2, 2016

That the Board take the following action concerning the rezoning case heard by the Planning Board on August 2, 2016:
  1. Review and either adopt, modify, or reject the Planning Board’s recommendation for Rezoning Case Z-2016-06 or remand the case back to the Planning Board; and

  2. Authorize the Chairman to sign the Orders of the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners for the rezoning case that was reviewed.
1. Case No.: Z-2016-06
  Address: 325 East Commerce Street
  Property Reference No.: 51-2S-30-7061-004-024
  Property Size: 0.52 (+/-) acres
  From: MDR, Medium Density Residential district (10 du/acre)
  To: Com, Commercial district (25 du/acre, lodging unit density not limited by zoning)
  FLU Category: MU-U, Mixed-Use Urban
  Commissioner District: 2
  Requested by: Joe Wanek, Agent for Terry Teschel, Owner
  Planning Board Recommendation: Approval
  Speakers: Joe Wanek, John Price, Neal Smith, Robert Heinicke, David Bryant
The above case was owner initiated and heard at the August 2, 2016, Planning Board Meeting. Under the Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter 2, Article 7, “the Board of County Commissioners, at its scheduled hearing shall adopt, modify, or reject the recommendation of the Planning Board or SRIA or return the rezoning case to the board with instructions for additional facts or clarification.  The staff of the recommending board shall inform the board of all formal actions taken by the BCC on the rezoning request."

To further the County’s policy of “decreasing response time from notification of citizen needs to ultimate resolution,” the Board is acting on both the approval of the Planning Board recommended order and the LDC Map Amendment for this month’s rezoning case. This report item addresses only the review and upholding of the Planning Board’s recommendation. The next report item will address the Public Hearing for the LDC Zoning Map Amendment.
This action may increase the ad valorem tax base for Escambia County.
The recommended order is the result of deliberations by the Planning Board based the applicants presentation of competent substantial evidence for each of the approval conditions, on staff analysis, public testimony, and knowledge of the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code as well as case law and Florida Statutes.

The Chairman will need to sign the Orders of the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners either denying or approving the rezoning request.

The cases under review are presented to the Planning Board for collection of evidence. The Planning Board conducts a quasi-judicial public hearing and issues a recommended order to the Board of County Commissioners.


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