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BCC Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/17/2016  
Issue:    Committee of the Whole Recommendation
From: Pam Childers

Committee of the Whole Recommendation.

Recommendation:  That the Board take the following action, as recommended by the Committee of the Whole (C/W), at the November 10, 2016, C/W Workshop:

A.  Authorize staff to draft a Request for Proposals for a community partner and a pilot program of eight tiny homes between 200 and 300 square feet, and request the Planning Board to weigh in on how the implementation of tiny houses would fit into the Land Development Code (Item #8);

B.  Approve to include Variance and Conditional Use approvals that go before the Board of Adjustment with the new notice requirements for land use decisions, and clarify the line related to final plat to state "PUD Subdivision Final Plat" (Item #9); and

C.  Establish a lobbying position for the medical marijuana implementation, as follows (Item #11):

(1)  All Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers would be commercial entities licensed by the State;

(2) Local Governments would have the right to deal with the zoning and number of licensees in their County; and

(3) The State would set some portion of the taxes collected to come back to local governments to deal with public safety and law enforcement issues created.

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