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  County Administrator's Report     14. 5.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 11/17/2016  
Issue:    United States Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Hazard Mitigation Grant For Delano Street Drainage
From: Joy D. Blackmon, P.E.
Department: Public Works  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the United States Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program for the Delano Street Drainage Area Project - Joy D. Blackmon, P.E., Public Works Department Director

That the Board take the following action concerning the United States Department of Homeland Security (USDHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for the Delano Street Drainage Area Project:

A. Approve the Federally Funded Sub-grant Agreement, Project Number 4177-18-R, Agreement Number 17HM-H4—01-27-01-XXX, between the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management and Escambia County for the Delano Street Area Drainage Project, providing for 100% federal funding with Local Global Match approval, awarded at $2,282,115, for Phase 1 design;

B. Authorize the Chairman to sign the Sub-grant Agreement and associated Grant-related documents; and

C. Authorize the Chairman to execute, subject to Legal review and sign-off, any subsequent Agreements and program-related documents for this project.

[Funding source:  Funding for Delano Street Drainage Project is available in Fund 352, LOST III.  However, with Local Global Match approval, federal funding is available for 100% reimbursement]
February 3, 2005, the Board of County Commissioners awarded Task Order PD 02-03.79.26.ENG to HDR Engineering, Inc. The study associated with this original task order was completd in 2006. Following the June 2012 rain event, and again following the April 2014 rain event, Change Orders were issued to HDR Engineering Inc. to upgrade the scope to consider down-gradient impacts to the Fairfield Drive, Herman Street, “L” Street, and Leonard Street areas, and more specifically to the Central Booking Detention Facility. Additional pond sites were identified for acquisition, contact has been made with the property owners of the proposed pond parcels, and appraisals have been initiated. 
Meeting in regular session on December 11, 2014, the Board approved application submittal of the Delano Street Drainage Area Project for HMGP funding consideration. This proposed mitigation project will modify existing stormwater facilities and infrastructure to increase efficiency and capacity, as well as acquire new pond sites and improve existing pond sites to add stormwater capacity within the project drainage area.  
Drainage improvements for this project will address flooding of multiple properties in the area. Installation of a pond at the Escambia County Sheriff’s property Central Booking & Detention Facility, upon demolition of that structure, is proposed in the grant. Flood protection is the focus for the Waterfront Mission on Herman Street, the site of the former Escambia County Employee Credit Union building, Workforce Esca-Rosa Career Center, Escambia County Central Office Complex, Escambia County Area Transit, and Escambia County Sheriff Office Complex; other business and government facilities are included in this project area. The project will improve access to the new jail site by reducing flood impacts to public roadways that provide access to the McDonald Shopping Center site.
This HMGP grant agreement provides for reimbursement funding of $2,248,533.00 for Phase 1, the design phase of the project and initial property acquisition negotiation, and $33,582.00 for pre-award costs for preparing the grant application, for a total of $2,282,115.00  After design, environmental permitting, and all deliverables are submitted to Florida Division of Emergency Management-Federal Emergency Management Agency (FDEM-FEMA) for review, Phase 2 final property acquisition and construction will be funded by agreement amendment, which is currently estimated at $5,266,956.
Meeting in regular session on June 6, 2016, the Board approved the Non-Financial Sub-grant Agreement, Escambia County Project Number 4177-09-R, between the FDEM and Escambia County Board of County Commissioners, for the Local Global Match applied to 4177 projects, for the Beach Haven Northeast Phase 1 Drainage and Sanitary Sewer Project, as the fully qualified and eligible project for Local Global Match. Since this local match was approved, the non-federal share (the county's share) will be met using a Global Match which allows credit for similar eligible projects undertaken in the area that did not involve federal funds. The effect is that 100% of the project is covered by federal HMGP funds. FEMA project 4177-09-R- Escambia County project provides the Global Match for the non-federal share for this project.
Funding for Delano Street Drainage Project is available in Fund 352, LOST III. However, with Local Global Match approval, federal funding is available for 100% reimbursement. The Office of Management and Budget will prepare a budget amendment to accommodate the grant funding and reimbursement for board approval consideration.
The County Attorney's Office has reviewed the agreements and signed-off for legal sufficiency, and has requested that the Board be made aware of the Agreement language in Section (19) Mandated Conditions, subsection (b), that "This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Florida, and venue for any actions arising out of this Agreement shall be in the Circuit Court of Leon County."
Public Works Department, Engineering Division staff will manage and implement the grant from design to construction phase. 

Board policy Section 11.A requires Board approval of grants.
Public Works Department, Engineering Division staff will administer the grant, as required by the contract agreement. Design services will be solicited for grant implementation in accordance with Purchasing Policy.

BCC Action 02.03.05
BCC 12.11.14 HGMP App
BCC action 06.16.16
Delano HMGP App 6.1.15
Delano Property Acq Figure
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HMGP 4177-18-R Agmt
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