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  County Administrator's Report     14. 10.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 11/17/2016  
Issue:    Authorization for over $50,000 Cumulative Expenditures in FY2016-2017 for Demolition or Lot Clearing Services
From: Chips Kirschenfeld
Department: Natural Resources  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the Authorization for Cumulative Expenditures Over $50,000 in Fiscal Year 2016-2017 for the Department of Natural Resources, for Demolition or Lot Clearing Services - J. Taylor "Chips" Kirschenfeld, Director, Department of Natural Resources Management

That the Board authorize cumulative total expenditures over $50,000, in Fiscal Year 2016-2017 to contractors performing demolition or lot clearing services for the Department of Natural Resources, Code Enforcement Division, for individual projects of less than $50,000, based on competitive quotes.  The request is being made in advance of the cumulative total of expenditures exceeding $50,000 this Fiscal Year for the following vendors:

Applied Construction Management, LLC, Vendor No. 013673
Andala Enterprises, Inc., Vendor No. 422299
Bellview Site Contractors, Inc., Vendor No. 022702
B.R. Bonner's Hauling, Inc., Vendor No. 020229
Castellani Hauling, Inc., Vendor No. 031326
Common Area Solutions, LLC, Vendor No. 034266
Daniel W. Meadows - dba Meadows Maintenance, Vendor No. 406895
Derek G. Henry - dba Hoosier Lawn Guy?, Vendor No. 040755
HHH Construction of NWF, Inc., Vendor No. 080060
Site and Utility LLC, Vendor No. 420683
Southern Girl Botanicals, Inc., Vendor No. 194119
Webster Construction, Inc., Vendor No. 420065
West Pensacola Lawn Care, LLC, Vendor No. 232061

[Funding Source:  Fund 103, Environmental Code Enforcement Fund, Cost Center 220110, Object Code 53401]
Environmental Code Enforcement obtains three quotes from a pool of qualified contractors for the performance of demolition and lot clearing work, the estimated cost of which is below the mandatory bid amount of $50,000 throughout the year, as needed.  The work is awarded based on the lowest quoted cost.  The Demolition and Lot Clearing Contractors are qualified through a formal qualification process administered and maintained by the Office of Purchasing.  Based on the current activity in FY16-17 it is anticipated that purchase orders to the contractors listed above may exceed a cumulative value of $50,000.
[Funding Source:  Fund 103, Environmental Code Enforcement Fund, Cost Center 220110, Object Code 53401]
This recommendation is in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ordinances of Escambia County, Florida, Chapter 46, Finance, Article II, Purchase and Contracts.
The Environmental Enforcement Officer identifies the work and obtains the quotes for the operations of demolition and lot clearing.  The Office of Purchasing issues the Purchase Order.

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