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  County Administrator's Report     17. 12.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 10/20/2016  
Issue:    Annual Payment On The Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft Corporation
From: Shawn Fletcher
Department: Information Technology  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the Annual Payment on the Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft Corporation - Shawn P. Fletcher, Information Technology Department Director

That the Board take the following action concerning the Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft Corporation:

A. Authorize the County to award a Purchase Order, in the amount of $417,663.31, to SHI International Corporation, as the authorized reseller for Microsoft Corporation State of Florida Contract 43230000-15-02; the first yearly payment under the three-year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement #01E73214, was approved by the Board on June 16, 2016;
B. Approve and authorize the Chairman to sign, subject to Legal review and sign-off, the Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement with Microsoft Corporation (THE MICROSOFT VOLUME LICENSING AGREEMENT WILL BE DISTRIBUTED UNDER SEPARATE COVER); and

C. Authorize the Chairman, Vice Chairman, or County Administrator to execute all future documents related to this three-year Agreement without further action of the Board.

[Funding:  The funds are available in the current Budget, General Fund 001, Cost Center 270102, Object Code 54601]
The Information Technology Department utilizes various computer applications and systems provided by the Microsoft Corporation to support our daily operations. These systems include Microsoft Exchange for e-mail, calendar, contact management, Microsoft Sharepoint for document management and collaboration, SQL Server for enterprise database management and support of numerous business systems including but not limited to Lucity Work-Order system, Kronos Time Keeping and SmartJail. Additionally, these systems support the operations of the Tax Collector, Supervisor of Elections and the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller.
The funds are available in the current year, General Fund 001, Cost Center 270102, Object Code 54601.
The County Attorney has approved the Enterprise Agreement for form and legal sufficiency.

No additional personnel are anticipated for the implementation of this Enterprise Agreement.

This recommendation is in compliance with the provision of the Code of Ordinance of Escambia County, Florida, 1999 Chapter 46, Article ll, Division 3, Section 87-901, Purchases and Contracts and F.S. 255-20.
The Information Technology Department will coordinate efforts on behalf of the County.

Board Recommendation from 06/16/16
Board Recommendation 09/22/16 with Jail Extension
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