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  County Administrator's Report     11. 11.    
BCC Regular Meeting Technical/Public Service Consent  
Meeting Date: 10/06/2016  
Issue:    Reappointments to the Board of Electrical Examiners
From: Donald R. Mayo
Department: Building Services  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning Reappointments to the Board of Electrical Examiners - Donald R. Mayo, Building Official

That the Board take the following action concerning two reappointments to the Board of Electrical Examiners:

A. Waive the Board's Policy, Section I, Part B 1. (D), Appointment Policy and Procedures;

B. Reappoint, retroactively, the following two members for a three-year term, effective October 1, 2016, through September 30, 2019:

1. John D. Scapin II, Scapin Electric Company (State Certified Electrical Contractor); and

2. James E. Simmons, James E. Simmons Electric Co. (State Registered Electrical Contractor).

The responses from John D. Scapin, II, and James E. Simmons were the only ones received after notice was published August 12, 2016, by General Alert on informing the public that the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners was seeking residents interested in volunteering for appointment to the Board of Electrical Examiners.
The Board of Electrical Examiners was established by the Board of County Commissioners through adoption of Escambia County Ordinance No. 89-35.  Accordingly, it shall be the duty of the Board to hold and attend meetings to review contractor applications for licensure, issue Certificates of Competency as a registered contractor to those who qualify, record and issue renewals, investigate violations of County and State Ordinances by registered contractors, and for the discipline of contractors in the electrical trade found in violation.  Pursuant to Sec. 18-131,  the Board shall consist of five members that shall serve a term of three years, or until a successor is appointed.   Members whose terms have expired, may be reappointed to additional terms, in accordance with Sec. 18-132, Escambia County Code of Ordinances and Board of County Commissioner Policy, Section I, Part B. 1 (D), Appointment Policy and Procedures.

This Recommendation has been reviewed and approved by Bobbie Ellis-Wiggins, Assistant County Attorney.

This recommendation is in keeping with the goal of the Board of County Commissioners to protect the health, safety, and welfare of persons and property by requiring certification of individuals who engage in, or wish to engage in, the business of contracting in Escambia County.

John D. Scapin II Resume BOEE
James E. Simmons Resume BOEE
Appointees Sought for Board of Electrical Examiners

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