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  County Administrator's Report     11. 3.    
BCC Regular Meeting Technical/Public Service Consent  
Meeting Date: 10/06/2016  
Issue:    Community Development Block Grant Demolition Assistance Program Modification
From: Tonya Gant
Department: Neighborhood & Human Svcs  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the Community Development Block Grant Demolition Assistance Program Modification - Tonya Gant, Neighborhood & Human Services Department Director

That the Board take the following action concerning the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Demolition Assistance Program (Program):

A. Modify the Program eligibility to permit applicants with current Code Enforcement Liens to apply for assistance, provided that a payment plan is established; and

B. Authorize the County Administrator or his designee to execute all Program-related documents as necessary to implement the Program.
The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Demolition Assistance Program (Program) provides assistance to income eligible owners for demolition and/or clearance of properties receiving a notice of violation from Environmental Enforcement. This assistance is provided in unincorporated Escambia County and the Town of Century.

Current program requirements state that a property owner cannot have any outstanding liens or judgments owed to the County in order to participate. On occasion, an applicant is referred by Environmental Enforcement that has an old code lien or case against the property. The cost to pay off the entire lien in full may be prohibitive in order for the property owner to receive assistance under the Program to have the property remediated. Staff is recommending allowing owners to proceed with application under the Program if they set up a payment plan for the lien. The Program application form with the suggested modification is attached to this recommendation.
Funds for this program are already approved and budgeted in Fund 129/CDBG, Cost Center 370224 and/or subsequent CDBG funding years.
Not applicable.
No changes in personnel required for this program.
Modifications to Program policies and procedures must be approved by the Board.
Implementation of this Program will continue to be overseen by the Neighborhood Enterprise Division (NED) in coordination with Environmental Enforcement.

Ex I-DAP Application

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