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  County Administrator's Report     11. 7.    
BCC Regular Meeting Technical/Public Service Consent  
Meeting Date: 10/06/2016  
Issue:    Schedule a Public Hearing to Consider the Petition to Vacate a Portion of an Alleyway in Englewood Heights
From: Joy D. Blackmon, P.E.
Department: Public Works  
CAO Approval: Jack R. Brown

Recommendation Concerning the Scheduling of a Public Hearing to Consider the Petition to Vacate a Portion of an Alleyway in Englewood Heights - Joy D. Blackmon, P.E., Public Works Department Director

That the Board authorize the scheduling of a Public Hearing on November 3, 2016, at 5:31 p.m., to consider the Petition to Vacate a portion of an alleyway in Block 58 of Englewood Heights (20 feet x 150 feet), as petitioned by Ronald D. Ramsey.
This request was originally presented May 5, 2016, at the Board's regular meeting. Due to the objection of an adjacent property owner the request was not approved by the Board. In response to concerns raised by the neighbor objecting to the original petition, the petitioner, Mr. Ramsey, has modified his request and reduced the size of the original vacation request from 20 feet x 300 feet to 20 feet x 150 feet. This adjustment affects the vacation request so that only the portion of the alleyway that touches his property will be vacated.

The petitioner owns 150 feet on the south side and 180 feet on the north side of the 20' wide alleyway in Block 58 of Englewood Heights, as recorded in Plat Deed Book 59, Page 107 of the Official Records of Escambia County, Florida. Block 58 is bordered by West Hayes Street to the north, West Baars Street to the south, North "F" Street to the west, and North "E" Street to the east. Mr. Ramsey is requesting that the Board vacate any interest the County has in the 20' wide alleyway (20 feet x 150 feet) located in Block 58. Staff has made no representations to the petitioner or the petitioner's agent, Mr. Gary Byrd, that Board approval of this request confirms the vesting or return of title to the land to the petitioner or to any other interested party.

There are no encroachment issues involved with this vacation request. Staff has reviewed the request and has no objection to the vacation. All utility companies concerned have been contacted and have no objection to the requested vacation. No one will be denied access to his or her property as a result of this vacation.
Indirect staff cost associated with the preparation of recommendation.
All work associated with this request is being done in-house and no additional staff is required.
Based on the Board’s Vacating, Abandoning, and Closing Existing Public Streets, Rights-of-Way, Alleyways, Roads, Highways, Other Places Used for Travel or Other Lands Dedicated for Public Use or Purposes, or Any Portions Thereof to Renounce and Disclaim Any Right of the County and The Public In and To Said Lands policy for closing, vacating and abandoning County owned property – Section III and Florida Statutes, Chapter 336.
Once the Public Hearing has been scheduled, the Petitioner will be notified, the date and time will be advertised, and all owners of property within 500 feet will be notified. Staff has been in contact with Mr. Gary Byrd, agent for the petitioner.


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