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  County Administrator's Report     11. 11.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 10/06/2016  
Issue:    2016/17 Fair Housing Services Agreement with Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission
From: Tonya Gant
Department: Neighborhood & Human Svcs  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the 2016/2017 Fair Housing Services Agreement with the Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission - Tonya Gant, Neighborhood & Human Services Department Director 

That the Board take the following action concerning the 2016/2017 Fair Housing Services Agreement with the Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission:

A. Approve the Fair Housing Services Agreement with the Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission (HRC), in the amount of $18,500, for the 2016/2017 Fiscal Year; and

B. Authorize the Chairman or Vice Chairman to execute the Agreement and related documents required to implement the program.

[Funding:  Fund 129/CDBG, Cost Center 370226]
The County's Fair Housing Ordinance provides for fair and equal access to housing for all persons, and the Ordinance is administered and enforced by the Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission (HRC) under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded Agreement. HRC activities are supportive of the Federal Fair Housing law and the State of Florida Fair Housing Act, both of which are directly applicable to all jurisdictions within the State. The funding aids in providing support for fair housing activities undertaken by the HRC, including partial agency staffing support.

The County and City of Pensacola have utilized HRC for fair housing related education and enforcement services since passage of the County and City Fair Housing Ordinances in the mid-1980's. HRC staff provides assistance to citizens regarding housing related questions which may include discrimination allegations, eviction issues, and housing conditions.

The Board approved the 2016/17 Escambia Consortium Annual Action Plan on August 4, 2016, which included funding for this Agreement in the amount of $18,500 for the period October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017 (Exhibit I). The Agreement (Exhibit II) is renewed annually subject to availability of CDBG funding.
The $18,500 in CDBG Program funding is budgeted in Fund 129/CDBG, Cost Center 370226.
The Agreement has been reviewed and approved by Kristin Hual, Assistant County Attorney.
Staffing is provided by the HRC through this Agreement. There is no impact on County staffing as a result of continuation of this Agreement.
Formal CDBG Agreements are required for sponsoring agencies, which must be approved by the Board.
Implementation will be handled by the Neighborhood Enterprise Division (NED) in coordination with the HRC.

Ex I-BCC HUD Plan Approval
Ex II-Fair Housing Agreement

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