January 19, 2016 - 4:00 p.m.
Ernie Lee Magaha Government Building
BCC Meeting Room, First Floor
221 Palafox Place
Pensacola, FL 32502
1. Call to Order – January 19, 2016 meeting called to order at 4:01 p.m. by Chairperson, Bentina Terry.
2. Proof of Publication - The meeting was advertised in the Pensacola News Journal on January 9, and January 16, 2016.
3. Attendance
Present: Bentina Terry, Chairman  
  Alan McMillan, Vice-Chairman  
  Alvin Coby, Member  
  Tammy Bohannon, Member  
  Gregg Beck, Member  
  Christian Wagley, Member  
  Susan Carleton, Member  
  Michelle Inere, Member  
  Courtney Peterson, Member  
Absent: Donald McMahon, III, Member
  John Soule, Member
Staff Present: Taylor Kirschenfeld, Division Mgr. WQLM
Shelly Marshall, RESTORE Coordinator
Felicia Knight-Marlow, Director's Aide CED
Victoria D'Angelo, Redeveloper, Neighborhood & Human Services
4. Approval of the December 9, 2015 RESTORE Advisory Committee Meeting

Motion was made by Alan McMillan to approve the December 9, 2015 Minutes of the RESTORE Advisory Committee Meeting. Christian Wagley seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
5. Old Business
6. New Business - Applicant Presentations

Each of the following applicants received three minutes to answer questions the Committee had for their project. The Committee then continued to ask the applicant questions to clarify and understand the proposals.

Application Project Name POC First Name POC Last Name Estimated Presentation Time
012 Navy Point Rain Gardens and Community Greens Melissa Pino 4:00
048 Sanders Beach Park Addition / Beach Restoration James Veal 4:10
042 REAP/SCA's Escambia Conservation Corps Rick Dye 4:20
010 Belmont-DeVilliers:Restored Heritage Revisited Beverly Perry 4:30
100 S Old Corry Field Rd Bridge Replacement Terri Berry 4:40
101 Beach Haven S & NE Terri Berry 4:50
105 Navy Blvd Beautification and Navy Point Restoration Cooper Saunders 5:00
106 Jackson's Lakes Diversion & Wakeboard Park Cooper Saunders 5:10
049 Olive Road Phase II East-Ferry Pass Zone 5 Sharon Johnson 5:20
086 Town of Century Water Quality Improvements Frank Fabre 5:30
077 Museum Plaza Ross Pristera 5:40
003 Belmont Cultural Center Heritage Tourism Destination Phase I Kim Jennings 5:50
026 OLF8 Commerce Park Improvements Libby Brown 6:00
7. Public Comment (limit 3 minutes each)

Beverly Perry, 622 West Belmont Street, Pensacola
Reverend John Powell, 2299 Country Place Circle
Dorothy Dubuisson, 1308 North Barcelona Street
Barbara Albrecht, 1528 East Brainerd Street, Pensacola
8. Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 6:08 pm.

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