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  County Administrator's Report     10. 11.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 11/02/2017  
Issue:    ESO Solutions, Inc. Master Subscription and License Agreement
From: Mike Weaver
Department: Public Safety  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the Master Subscription and License Agreement with ESO Solutions, Inc., for the Electronic Healthcare Records - Michael D. Weaver, Public Safety Department Director 

That the Board approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the Master Subscription and License Agreement with ESO Solutions, Inc., for the ePCR system for maintaining electronic healthcare records at a cost of $49,915, to include the purchase of the system, billing standard interface, and 3 days of on-site training.

[Funding:  Fund 408, Emergency Medical Services, Cost Center 330302, CEMS Operations, Object Code 54601, Repair & Maintenance]
ESO Solutions Inc., will replace Zoll ePCR as our electronic healthcare record. ESO Solutions, Inc., provides a Electronic Healthcare Record that will streamline billing and hospital information sharing. It will also provide an enhanced quality assurance/management platform and analytical package. This program will increase EMS ability to report timely information on patient care, bill for services and allow for better analysis of patient care.

As per the Master Subscription and License Agreement with ESO Solutions, Inc., the agreement would require payment of all remaining subscription fees if Escambia County terminates for convenience prior to the expiration of the term.
Funding has been budgeted in the FY18 budget Fund 408, General Fund, Cost Center 330302, EMS Operations, Object Code 54601, Repair & Maintenance.
Kristin Hual, Assistant County Attorney, reviewed the Master Subscription and License Agreement and approved it as to form and legal sufficiency.
Board policies require Board Approval of all Agreements.
Upon approval by the Board and document execution, Steve White, EMS Chief, will oversee implementation of the Agreement and work in close cooperation with ESO Solutions, Inc., representatives.


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