August 28, 2019–1:00 p.m.
Escambia County Central Complex Building
3363 West Park Place

Final DRC Applications

D5 SP 19062211PSP Cotton Creek Solar Energy Center, 398 W Bogia 
D5 SP 1901122PSP Azalea Trace Phase 1B North Loop Improvements
      10100 Hillview Dr
2. Pre-Application Meetings
D2 PAS 1:15 PM 19082837PSP-PA Pescador Landing, 17290 Perdido Key Drive
D5 PAS 1:30 PM 19082842PSP-PA Milestone Moments, 27 New Market Street
D5 PAS 1:45 PM 19082903PSP-PA Cemetery, 2400 Blk Hwy 29
D1 PAS 2:00 PM  19082919PSP-PA Pathstone Apartments, Nine Mile Rd

Initial DRC Applications

D1 SPM 19082894PSP Pyramid Office Renovation, 7309 Hwy 98 W AIPD-2
D4 SPM 19082895PSP Foosackly's, 6399 Nth 9th Ave
D2 SP 19082897PSp Mobile Hwy / Edison Dr Development, 6 Edison Dr
4. Additional Items for Discussion

Notice: Completeness Review Comments will be available Wednesday afternoon for the Initial Review projects.  Contact DRC Coordinator at 595-3472.

* Project is in Community Redevelopment Area

* D1= District 1, D2= District 2, D3= District 3, D4= District 4, D5= District 5