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August 7, 2013–1:00 p.m.
Escambia County Central Complex Building
3363 West Park Place
1. Final DRC Applications
FP PSD110800008 Pale Moon Estates, Pale Moon Dr.
SP PSP130700065 Grace Community Church, 1114 E. Olive Rd.
SPM PSP130600060 PCC S-2, 250 Brent Ln.
2. Additional Items for Discussion
3. Pre-Application Meetings
PAS 1:00 PM PSP130700083 Massey's Hog Heaven Antiques, 5711 Walton St
PAS 1:15 PM PSP130800084 Lake Serenity Resort, 5424 Schaag Rd
4. Initial DRC Applications
LPU PSD130600013 Freeman Residence, 1290 S. Highway 97.
Notice: Completeness Review Comments will be available Wednesday afternoon for the Initial Review projects. Contact DRC Coordinator at 595-3472.

* Project is in Community Redevelopment Area

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