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August 14, 2013–1:00 p.m.
Escambia County Central Complex Building
3363 West Park Place
1.   Final DRC Applications
SP PSP130700077 Ellyson Field CNG Fueling Station, 3320 Copter Rd.
2.   Additional Items for Discussion
3.   Pre-Application Meetings
PAS 1:00 PM PSP130800085 Dollar General-Bauer Rd, 1000 Blk Bauer Rd
4.   Initial DRC Applications
SP PSP130600055 Escambia County 4H Center, 3730 Stefani Rd.
  Notice: Completeness Review Comments will be available Wednesday afternoon for the Initial Review projects.  Contact DRC Coordinator at 595-3472.

* Project is in Community Redevelopment Area

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