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Escambia County Board of Electrical Examiners
August 15, 2013–Time 9:00 a.m.
Escambia County Central Office Complex
3363 West Park Place, Room 112
1.   Call to Order.
2.   Determination of Quorum.
3.   Proof of Publication.
4.   Approval of Minutes - July 18, 2013
5.   Public Forum.
6.   Board Secretary Status Report.
7.   Old Business.
8.   Contractor Applications:
A.   JOSEPH SCOTT HELT - Application For Reciprocity (Master Electrical)
B.   ROBERT D. HEARN - Application For Reciprocity (Master Electrical).
9.   Written Communication:
A.   Correspondence from Harold D. Thorpe, Certificate of Competency License No.: ME0152
10.   Adjournment.

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