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  Growth Management Report     8. 1.    
BCC Regular Meeting Public Hearing  
Meeting Date: 08/20/2013  
Issue:    5:45 p.m. A Public Hearing - LDC Ordinance Article 6, Chickens as Accessory to Single Family
From: T. Lloyd Kerr, AICP
Department: Development Services  

5:45 p.m. A Public Hearing Concerning the Review of an Ordinance Amending Article 6 Accessory Uses

That the Board adopt, deny or modify an Ordinance to the Land Development Code (LDC) Article 6.03.01., to allow chickens as permitted accessory uses for single family residential dwellings.

This hearing serves as the second of two required public hearings before the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) as set forth in Section 2.08.04 (b) and F.S. 125.66(4)(b).

At the July 1, 2013 Planning Board meeting, the Board recommended approval.
Based on significant public input, the Board finds that many Escambia County residents seek to own, possess, and raise live chickens as an accessory non-commercial use to their primary usage of single-family residential dwellings, and that establishing such an accessory use serves a public purpose.
No budgetary impact is anticipated by the adoption of this Ordinance.
The attached Ordinance has been reviewed and approved for legal sufficiency by Ryan Ross, Assistant County Attorney. Any recommended legal comments are attached herein.
No additional personnel are required for implementation of this Ordinance.
The proposed Ordinance is consistent with the Board’s goal “to increase citizen involvement in, access to, and approval of, County government activities.”
Implementation of this Ordinance will consist of an amendment to the LDC and distribution of a copy of the adopted Ordinance to interested citizens and staff.

The proposed Ordinance was prepared in cooperation with the Development Services Department, the County Attorney’s Office and all interested citizens. The Development Services Department will ensure proper advertisement.

Draft Ordinance

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