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  County Administrator's Report     8. 2.    
BCC Regular Meeting Discussion  
Meeting Date: 08/20/2013  
Issue:    Dedication of a 50 foot Public Right-of-Way Easement at 6775 Mobile Highway
From: Joy D. Blackmon, P.E.
Department: Public Works  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Regarding the Dedication of a 50-Foot Public Right-of-Way Easement Located at 6775 Mobile Highway - Joy D. Blackmon, P.E., Public Works Department Director

That the Board approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the Dedication of Public Right-of-Way Easement for a 50-foot wide easement along the northern 50 feet of the County's Land Clearing Debris (LCD) pit and Public Works Substation located at 6775 Mobile Highway, requested for Bobby Glenn Buffington.

Bobby Glenn Buffington owns a 20-acre parcel (Buffington Parcel) located directly west of the County's LCD pit and Public Works substation at 6775 Mobile Highway.  The Buffington parcel has legal access available from the west through the Springfield - Unit Five subdivision.  However, development of a road through that western access would be cost prohibitive due to permitting and wetlands mitigation.  

Buffington's Realtor has requested the Board approve the dedication of a 50 foot public right-of-way across the northern part of the County's LCD pit and Public Works substation property.  While any costs associated with necessary improvements, maintenance, driveway permitting, relocation of fencing and/or buffering in accordance with the County's LCD permit would be borne by Buffington or his successors, the right-of-way would be available to the public at large. 


All costs associated with recording the easement and developing the road within the right-of-way will be borne by Buffington or his successors.


The Dedication of Public Right-of-Way Easement was prepared by the County Attorney's Office.  However, approval of the Dedication of a 50 foot Public Right-of-Way Easement is a decision of the Board and is dependent on the Board determining that the dedication is in the interest of the public-at-large. 

All work associated with this request is being done in-house.




Dedication of Public Right-of-Way Easement
Legal Description

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