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  County Administrator's Report     8. 8.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 08/20/2013  
Issue:    Change Order 1 to Purchase Order 130049 to Ward International Trucks, LLC
From: Mike Weaver
Department: Public Safety  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning a Change Order to Ward International Trucks, LLC, for Public Safety's Ambulance Fleet Repair and Maintenance - Michael D. Weaver, Public Safety Department Director

That the Board approve and authorize the Interim County Administrator to execute the following Change Order Number 1, adding funds for the repair and maintenance of the Public Safety Department's ambulance fleet through the balance of the Fiscal Year:

Department: Public Safety
Division: Emergency Medical Services
Type: Addition
Amount: $45,000
Vendor: Ward International Trucks, LLC
Project Name: N/A
Contract: N/A
PO#: 130049
CO#: 1
Original Award Amount: $185,000
Cumulative Amount of Change Orders through this CO: $45,000
New PO Total: $230,000

[Funding Source:  Fund 408, Emergency Medical Services Fund, Cost Center 330302, EMS Operations]

In its meeting held September 17, 2012, the Board authorized issuance of a blanket purchase order to Ward International, LLC, for $190,000, for repair and maintenance of Public Safety's ambulance fleet for Fiscal Year 2012-13.  The original Purchase Order to Ward, 130049, was issued for $185,000.  In addition to required routine and warranty maintenance, vehicle accidents involving ambulances, an increased number of air conditioner issues and one major engine failure has resulted in expenditures beyond what was budgeted through this purchase order.  The recommended Change Order will add the funds in an amount estimated to be needed for the balance of the current fiscal year.  

Funds are available in Fund 408, Emergency Medical Services, Cost Center 330302, EMS Operations.
This recommendation is in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ordinances of Escambia County, Florida, Chapter 46, Finance, Article II, Purchase and Contracts.
Upon approval of this recommendation, a Change Order will be transmitted to the Office of Purchasing for processing.

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