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  County Administrator's Report     8. 6.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 08/20/2013  
Issue:    Approval of Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 Subrecipient Agreement with Area Housing Commission (AHC)
From: Keith Wilkins
Department: Community & Environment  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning Approval of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 Subrecipient Agreement with the Area Housing Commission - Keith Wilkins, Community & Environment Department Director

That the Board take the following action regarding the Escambia County Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 (NSP3) Subrecipient Agreement with the Area Housing Commission (AHC):

A. Approve a Subrecipient Agreement with the AHC committing $170,000 in NSP3 and Fund 124 dollars to finance three affordable rental units, including affiliated common and parking areas, as part of the Morris Court Redevelopment Project; and

B. Authorize the Chairman or Vice Chairman to execute the agreement and all related documents required to implement the Project.

[Funding:  Fund 129, Cost Center 220507; Fund 124, Cost Center 220406]
On October 19, 2010, HUD released requirements for allocating Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds, now commonly known as NSP3. Escambia County filed an application and officially accepted the award of $1,210,487 in NSP3 funds on May 19, 2011 (see Exhibit I for Board resume). Per the approved NSP3 Plan, in 2011, the County entered an Agreement with Area Housing Commission (AHC) and Pathways for Change, Inc. providing for the redevelopment of ten rental units at Morris Court for affordable housing targeting low income persons (see Exhibit II for Board resume). These 10 units are fully complete and 100% leased to eligible individuals. The recommendation proposed herein builds upon the initial redevelopment through a supplemental NSP3 Agreement with AHC to add three more rental units (actually a triplex containing 3 one bedroom units) at the Morris Court complex generally located at the intersection of West Godfrey and “K” Streets. The $170,000 in NSP3 and Fund 124 funds will cover the construction costs, while AHC will directly pay for the professional architectural services at a cost approximating $13,000. Upon completion, the three units must be utilized by AHC to provide permanent rental housing for persons/families with incomes below 50% of the area median income, including persons who have special needs, are homeless or are formerly homeless, for a minimum fifteen (15) year affordability period. The units will be owned, operated and managed by AHC in accordance with deed restrictions recorded on the property with respect to the long term rental and occupancy restrictions. Monthly rents cannot exceed the applicable limits promulgated by HUD on an annual basis. The three additional units will be located in the Morris Court complex (see Exhibit III for general location map).
NSP3 and Fund 124 funding of $170,000 is currently available in the County’s FY 2013 budget in Fund 129/Cost Center: 220507 and Fund 124/Cost Center 220406.
The Agreement has been reviewed and approved by Kristin Hual, Assistant County Attorney (see the Agreement in Exhibit IV). The Agreement has also been reviewed and approved by AHC.
The Agreement must be approved by the Board and fully executed by the parties in order for the project to move forward.
The County’s involvement with the project will be generally managed by Neighborhood Enterprise Foundation, Inc. (NEFI) in conjunction with AHC. Long term monitoring requirements associated with the NSP3 investment will be managed by NEFI. All parties are aware of this recommendation and the schedule for consideration by the Board. All project related payments from NSP3 funds will be processed by the County through the Finance Division.

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