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  Budget/Finance     4.    
Community Redevelopment Agency   
Meeting Date: 03/07/2019  
Issue:    Authorization for Tax Deed Bidding for 3822 Frontera Circle
Department: Neighborhood & Human Svcs  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning the Authorization for Tax Deed Bidding for 3822 Frontera Circle - Tonya Green, Neighborhood & Human Services Department Director
That the Board take the following action concerning the authorization for Tax Deed bidding for 3822 Frontera Circle:

A. Authorize the Neighborhood & Human Services Department Director, or designee, to be an authorized bidder for the April 1, 2019, Tax Deed sale for the purpose of acquiring 3822 Frontera Circle with an open bid amount of $2,313.73; and

B. Approve a maximum bid in the amount of $10,000. 

[Funding sources:  Fund 151, CRA Brownsville, Cost Center 370113, Object Code 56101]
On August 18, 2011, the Board of County Commissioners approved and authorized to expend funds on acquisition of thirteen properties located in the Frontera Circle within the Brownsville Redevelopment Area in efforts to reduce blight and revitalize the community.

On September 6, 2018, the Board of County Commissioners approved to file an Application for Tax Deed on the property located at 3822 Frontera Circle which the County currently holds a tax certificate. Tax certificates are sold annually, through an online Tax Certificate sale, for delinquent real estates taxes.  The property located at 3822 Frontera Circle does have code enforcement liens, as well as delinquent taxes going back to 2011.
If the County becomes a successful bidder, this property could provide a site for a neighborhood pocket park to include a basketball court, park benches, and playground equipment.  As a future capital improvement project stated in the Brownsville Redevelopment Area Plan, the community residents expressed the need for a neighborhood park for the area.
Funding for this project is available in Fund 151 CRA Brownsville, Cost Center 370113, Object Code 56101.
Staff will coordinate with the County Attorney's office throughout this acquisition process. 
All work associated with this request is being done in-house and no additional staff is required.
Board approval is required for disbursement of funds to any outside entities or agencies.
If Board approval  to proceed, staff will follow County guidelines for the Tax Deed Sale process.

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