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       6. A.    
Planning Board-Regular   
Meeting Date: 08/06/2019  
Issue:    A Public Hearing Concerning the Review of an Ordinance Amending Chapter 7, Policy FLU 1.1.1, 2030 Future Land Use Map
Department: Development Services  

A Public Hearing Concerning the Review of an Ordinance Amending Chapter 7, Policy FLU 1.1.1 and FLU 5.1 to Provide for an Amendment to the 2030 Future Land Use Map

That the Board review and recommend to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for transmittal to DEO, an Ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 7, 2030 FLU map, for the specific parcel, requesting to change the existing FLUM designation from Public (P) to Mixed-Use Urban (MU-U) and amending Chapter 7, "The Future Land Use Element, OBJ FLU 5.1 NFCU Urban Service Area Boundary Map," to expand the Navy Federal Credit Union Urban Service Area (NFCU-USA) by 98.03 (+/-) acres. 
The applicant is requesting a Future land Use Map change from Agriculture (AG) FLUM to Rural Residential (RR), in order to obtain an increase on the residential density to accommodate the development. 
No budgetary impact is anticipated by the adoption of this Ordinance.
The attached Ordinance has been reviewed and approved for legal sufficiency by Kia M. Johnson, Assistant County Attorney. Any recommended legal comments are attached herein.
No additional personnel are required for implementation of this Ordinance.
The proposed Ordinance is consistent with the Board’s goal “to increase citizen involvement in, access to, and approval of, County government activities.”
This Ordinance, amending the LDC, will  be filed with the Department of State following adoption by the board.

Implementation of this Ordinance will consist of an amendment to the LDC and distribution of a copy of the adopted Ordinance to interested citizens and staff.

The proposed Ordinance was prepared by the Development Services Department, in cooperation with  the County Attorney’s Office and all interested citizens. The Development Services Department will ensure proper advertisement.

Staff analysis
Draft Ordinance
Working case file LSA-2019-01
Exhibit F Resource Assessment Survey

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