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Special BCC Meeting - Vacation of Rawson Lane   
Meeting Date: 05/22/2017  
Issue:    5:31 p.m. Public Hearing - Vacate a Portion of Rawson Lane
From: Joy D. Blackmon, P.E.
Department: Public Works  
CAO Approval:

5:31 p.m. Public Hearing to consider the Petition to Vacate a portion of Rawson Lane.

Recommendation:  That the Board take the following action concerning the Petition to Vacate a portion of Rawson Lane:
A. Approve or deny the Petition to Vacate a portion of Rawson Lane as petitioned by Pensacola Christian College, Inc.; 

B. Accept the Hold/Harmless Agreement;

C. Adopt the Resolution to Vacate; and

D. Authorize the Chairman or Vice Chairman to accept the documents as of the day of delivery of the documents to the Chairman or Vice Chairman, and authorize the Chairman or Vice Chairman to execute them at that time.
Pensacola Christian College, Inc. (PCC) owns the majority of the property along both sides of this portion of Rawson Lane, lying north of Brent Lane and south of Airport Boulevard. Rawson Lane is a paved, county-maintained road (R/W varies). PCC has plans to upgrade and improve their campus and would like to incorporate this portion of Rawson Lane into their future plans. PCC is requesting that the Board vacate any interest the county has in this portion of Rawson Lane (approximately 3.14 acres) lying north of Brent Lane and south of Airport Boulevard. Staff has made no representations to the Petitioner that Board approval of this request operates to confirm the vesting or return of title of the land to the Petitioner or to any other interested party.

There are no encroachment issues involved with this Vacation request.

Upon approval of this petition, a new terminus will be created on Rawson Lane. The Traffic Division has indicated that a cul-de-sac or some type of turn-around will be necessary near this new terminus. Additionally, Public Safety has concerns with the limitations to access, should this Vacation be approved. If approved, an emergency access gate will need to be installed.

It should be noted that AT&T, Cox Communications, ECUA, Gulf Power, and Pensacola Energy are all requiring utility easements within this portion of Rawson Lane.

Indirect staff cost associated with the preparation of documents and recommendation.



All work associated with this request is being done in-house and no additional staff is required.

Based on the Board's Vacating, Abandoning, and Closing Existing Public Streets, Rights-of-Way, Alleyways, Roads, Highways, Other Places Used for Travel or Other Lands Dedicated for Public Use or Purposes, or Any Portions Thereof to Renounce and Disclaim Any right of the County and The Public In and To Said Lands policy for closing, vacating and abandoning County Owned property- Section III and Florida Statues, Chapter 336.


Upon Board approval of the Vacation, the necessary documents will be signed and it will be the responsibility of the Petitioner or the Petitioner's agent to have the documents recorded in the public record and to advertise the required public notifications.

Petition to Vacate
Aerial Map
Hold Harmless
Notice of Adoption
Certification of Property Owners
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