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Special BCC Meeting   
Meeting Date: 11/12/2020  
Issue:    Approval of Expenses Through the CARES Act Funding Program
From: Janice Gilley
Department: County Administrator's Office  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning Approval of Expenses Through the CARES Act Funding Program - Janice P. Gilley, County Administrator

State and Federal deadlines are quickly approaching:
  • Thursday, November 12 - Spending plan must be finalized and sent to FDEM to receive 100% of funds.
  • Monday, November 16 - 100% of Phase 1 and Phase 2 backup documents (Agreements, Invoices, Receipts, etc.) must be uploaded to the FL CARES portal, showing that all of Phase 1 and Phase 2 funds have been spent (Total of $25,778,383).
  • Thursday, December 3 - 100% of Phase 3 Requests for Reimbursements must be submitted into the FL CARES portal. These are not reimbursements, but encumbrances with the spending plan.
  • Wednesday, December 30 - The last day expenses can be incurred. Treasury has clarified that for a cost to be considered to have been incurred, performance or delivery MUST occur during the covered period. Final reporting due.
That the Board take the following action:

A. Eliminate the “FEMA Reimbursement” Category – FEMA approval has not been received in time to be able to utilize the 12.5% Local cost reimbursed by December 30 through CARES. The allocation of $60,389 will be reallocated to the “COVID Ops & Oversight” category;

B. Increase the funding for the “COVID Ops & Oversight” category to $400,000 as employees will be needed in an overtime capacity until the end of November to complete the Family Cares applications;

C. Finalize spending for the remaining $16,370,698.50 that has been set aside in the “Public Health and Safety” bucket under Fire, Correctional and Detention Officers Payroll; and

D. Discuss the considerations for new asks:

1. Medical Examiner Expenses for Escambia County:
  • COVID-19 Expenses $107,195.88
  • Medical Examiner Salaries $51,454.02
2. Clerk of Court Human Resource Information System (HRIS) - Implementation of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for the Clerk - $134,300

3. Escambia County Sheriff increase in inmate transportation services from $23 to $28 per hour starting July 1. 

4. City of Pensacola - Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act CARE Act Ask:
i. Public Facilities - $2,600,000
ii. Employee Health and Safety - $2,100,000
iii. Public Health and Safety - $725,000
iv. Total ask - $5,425,000
  • City of Pensacola has been included in the following:
  • Rent and Mortgage CARES
  • Family CARES grant
  • Business CARES grant
  • Rapid Testing programs
  • Feeding the Gulf Coast and food distribution programs
  • Broadband Survey
  • City of Pensacola OT - $15,934.12
  • City of Pensacola August and September FEMA Expenses - $162,202.62
  • Visit Pensacola Advertising
  • City of Pensacola COVID-19 Paid Leave - $663,214.40
Escambia County has been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the CARES Act, the County has received $14,321,164 from the Florida Division of Emergency Management, which represents 25% of the County’s potential allocation of $57,285,296.
The funding source is the CARES Act allocation to Escambia County, Fund 119
The County Attorney’s Office is reviewing Funding Program Agreements.
No additional impact to personnel with this Recommendation.
Board Policy II.A.
County Administration will coordinate and implement.

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