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  County Administrator's Report     10. 24.    
BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent  
Meeting Date: 11/05/2020  
Issue:    Recommendation Concerning CARES Act Funding Program Agreements
From: Janice Gilley
Department: County Administrator's Office  
CAO Approval:

Recommendation Concerning CARES Act Funding Program Agreements - Janice P. Gilley, County Administrator 

That the Board be provided an update on the CARES Family Emergency Financial Assistance and Business Assistance grants and take the following action:

A.  Authorize the Chairman to sign the CARES Act attestation form certifying and attesting that Escambia County has incurred or encumbered costs amounting to at least 25% of the total Coronavirus Relief Fund allocation; and

B.  Authorize the Chairman to sign the updated Feeding the Gulf Coast Amendment to the CARES Act Funding Program Agreement to lower the total funding from $1,100,000 to $650,000, and to increase the per pound cost from $.50 per pound to $.95 per pound due to higher quotes for food than originally anticipated and to continue to include transportation and distribution costs.

Feeding the Gulf Coast anticipates the utilization of $650,000 dollars through Escambia CARES Act funds to fund 684,000 pounds of the total 1.2 – 1.5 million pounds of food provided in the final quarter of the year. The food will be distributed through traditional pantries, mobile distributions, and the Child Nutrition programs. The anticipated current loss for Feeding the Gulf Coast, if the reimbursement rate is not approved at $.95, is over $103,000.
Escambia County has been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the CARES Act, the County has received $14,321,364 from the Florida Division of Emergency Management, which represents 25% of the County’s potential allocation of $57,285,296.

After meeting with Feeding the Gulf Coast, they were able to provide the following information, which resulted in lowering total funding to $650,000 and asking for an increased cost per pound to $.95 per pound.
  • Since September 1, Feeding the Gulf Coast has worked to expend some residual COVID-19 funding and federal nutrition programs to distribute 687,231 pounds into Escambia County through partner agencies, mobile distributions, and the Child Nutrition programs.
  • Pounds distributed since September 1, (241,068) were “chargeable pounds”. This means the pounds were not provided through a federal nutrition program or subsidized by any other state/federal funds.
  • Feeding the Gulf Coast has covered the cost of these “chargeable pounds” by utilizing multiple resources to help meet the need, including alternative funding sources (Donors, corporate partners, etc.).
  • Feeding the Gulf Coast has purchased 295,000 pounds of product to help supplement its inventory to meet the need in Escambia County.
  • The program anticipates still meeting the 2.2 million pounds with a mix of "chargeable" and "nonchargeable" product.
  • Feeding the Gulf Coast has incurred an average cost of $.85 per pound, this does not include any transportation or distribution costs.
  • The distribution cost is estimated to be $.10 per pound.
  • The Agency Relations team is placing the product as it arrives.
  • CNP/School Pantries at the following locations: Sacred Heart, Boys and Girls Club, Washington High, Oakwood-CDAC, CA Weis. Serving an average of 600 children total (all sites combined), per distribution.
The funding source is the CARES Act allocation to Escambia County.
The County Attorney's Office has reviewed and approved this Funding Program Agreement as well as the Contract Amendment for Feeding the Gulf Coast.
No additional impact to personnel with this Recommendation.
Board Policy II.A.
County Administration will manage this Agreement.

Feeding the Gulf Coast Amendment
Escambia County CARES Attestation

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