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November 6, 2019–1:00 p.m.
Escambia County Central Complex Building
3363 West Park Place
1.   Final DRC Applications
D3 MP 19103514PSD-MP Admirals Quarters Revised Master Plan, Bush St
D3 SP 19072366PSP Storage King, 3808 Mobile Hwy *
  Approved by Jennifer Hampton
Acting DRC Chairman
D2 PPCP 19062265PSD-PPCP Schooner Landing, Weller Ave 25 Lots AIPD-1/APZ-2
  Approved by Jennifer Hampton
Acting DRC Chairman
2.   Pre-Application Meetings
D5 PAS 1:15 PM 19103711PSP-PA ARD RV Park, 2600 Old Chemstrand Rd
D1 PAS 1:30 PM 19103701PSP-PA SW1, 8046 Highway 98 West
D3 PAS 1:45 PM 19103710PSP-PA Office Addition 105-107, 105 Beverly Pkwy*
3.   Initial DRC Applications
D2 MSD 19103779PSD-MSD Innerarity Point Road Minor Subdivision,
14455 Innerarity Point Rd
D5 SP 19113800PSP Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic, 610 W 9 Mile Rd
D5 SPM 19113802PSP Jim Allen Elementary Track, 1051 N Hwy 95 *
4.   Additional Items for Discussion
  Notice: Initial Review Comments will be available Thursday for the Initial Review projects. Contact the DRC Coordinator at 595-3472.

* Project is in Community Redevelopment Area
  * D1= District 1, D2= District 2, D3= District 3, D4= District 4, D5= District 5

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