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November 20, 2019–1:00 p.m.
Escambia County Central Complex Building
3363 West Park Place
1.   Final DRC Applications
D1 SP 19082723PSP Nine Mile Crossing, 8684 Beulah Rd
D5 SP 1903734PSP Poplar Dell Baptist Church Fellowship Hall Expansion, 
      2631 Highway 4A
D1 FP 18051398PSD-FP Lakeshore Preserve, 7945 Beulah Rd 138 Lots
D4 SP 19093251PSP City North, 1210 E Olive Rd
2.   Pre-Application Meetings
D2 PAS 1:15 PM 19113857PSP-PA Wood Fired Pizza, 13160 Sorrento Road
D2 PAS 1:30 PM 19113876PSP-PA Gulf Beach Storage, 8521 Gulf Beach Hwy
D2 PAS 1:45 PM 19113922PSP-PA Gibbs Property, 2700 Blk Blue Angel Pkwy AIPD-2
D5 PAS 2:00 PM 19113915PSP-PA Circle K - Hwy 29, 2611 Hwy 29 South
D3 PAS ********* 19113914PSP-PA ECUA LS #50, 8311 Raleigh Circle
3.   Initial DRC Applications
D1 CP 19103472PSD-CP Mills Lake subdivision, 9655 Beulah Rd 51 Lots
D3 SP 19113911PSP Pensacola Auto Mart Lot Expansion, 8901 Pensacola Blvd *
4.   Additional Items for Discussion
  Notice: Initial Review Comments will be available Thursday for the Initial Review projects.  Contact the DRC Coordinator at 595-3472.

* Project is in Community Redevelopment Area
  * D1= District 1, D2= District 2, D3= District 3, D4= District 4, D5= District 5

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