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October 1, 2018–8:30 a.m.
Escambia County Central Office Complex
3363 West Park Place, Room 104
1.   Call to Order.
2.   Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
3.   Proof of Publication and Waive the Reading of the Legal Advertisement.
4.   Approval of Minutes.
A. 14916   RECOMMENDATION: That the Planning Board review and approve the Meeting Resume' Minutes of the August 7, 2018 Planning Board Rezoning Meeting.
5.   Acceptance of Rezoning Planning Board Meeting Packet.
6.   Quasi-judicial Process Explanation.
7.   Public Hearings.
A. 14803  
Case #: Z-2018-09
Applicant: Ronald C. Williams, Owner
Address: 1900 Block Tate Rd
Property Size: 1.66 (+/-) acres
From: LDR, Low Density Residential district (4 du/acre)
To: LDMU, Low Density Mixed-use district (7 du/acre)
B. 14804  
Case #: Z-2018-11
Applicant: Gilbert Nelson, Owner
Address: Dogwood Place
Property Size: 9.1 (+/-) acres
From: HDMU, High Density Mixed-use district (25 du/acre)
To: Com, Commercial district (25 du/acre)
C. 14805  
Case #: Z-2018-13
Applicant: Robert O. Beasley, Agent for Crosby Holdings, LLC., Owner
Address: 2335 Klinger Street
Property Size: 0.46 (+/-) acres
From: MDR, Medium Density Residential district (10 du/acre)
To: HDMU, High Density Mixed-use district (25 du/acre)
D. 14806   A Public Hearing Concerning the Review of Bridlewood Subdivision, a Planned Unit Development

That the Board review the development plan for Bridlewood residential subdivision, a Planned Unit Development (PUD), and confirm consistency of the plan with Land Development Code (LDC) requirements prior to transmittal of a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to review and consider the plan for a final decision.
8.   Adjournment.

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