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October 17, 2018–8:30 a.m.
Escambia County Central Office Complex
3363 West Park Place, Room 104
1.   Call to Order.
2.   Swearing in of Staff and acceptance of staff as expert witness
3.   Acceptance of the BOA Meeting Package with the Development Services Staff Findings-of-Fact, into evidence.
4.   Proof of Publication and waive the reading of the legal advertisement.
5.   Approval of Resume Minutes.
A.   Approval of Resume Meeting Minutes from the August 15, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting.
6.   Consideration of the following cases:
A.   Case No.: CU-2018-17
Address: 3041 E Olive Road
Request: To allow a brewpub with the distribution of on-premises produced alcoholic beverages for off-site sales
Requested by: Susan Thibdeaux, Owner
B.   CASE NO.: AP-2017-02
ADDRESS: 11400 Blk. Gulf Beach Hwy.
REQUESTED APPEAL: An appeal of a compatibilty decision by the Planning Official
REQUESTED BY: David Theriaque, Agent for Teramore Development, LLC and Shu Shurett and Leo Huang, Owners
7.   Discussion Items.
8.   Old/New Business.
9.   Announcement.

The next Board of Adjustment Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at 8:30 a.m., at the Escambia County Central Office Complex, Room 104, 3363 West Park Place.
10.   Adjournment.

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